Saving $150,000/year for CPA with chatbot development

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Saving $150,000/year for CPA with chatbot development

A reimagined approach to building great products

Jul 20, 2023


Accounting firms grapple with how best to provide efficient, relevant answers to both their teams and their clients. Recognizing this challenge, we utilized AI-driven chatbots to revolutionize how our clients and their teams access critical financial information.


  • A surge in routine accounting and operational queries, often repetitive, causing resource strain and delayed response times.

  • Difficulty in quickly accessing specific, centralized internal company documentation like employee manuals, SOPs, and meeting transcripts.

  • Clients seeking rapid, concise answers to technical accounting challenges in niche domains like Craft breweries and Web 3 companies.


  • Custom Chatbots with Contextual Knowledge: Unlike generic chatbot solutions, we developed custom chatbots powered by the latest in AI technology, ensuring that they could accurately reference and respond based on the context provided.

  • Diverse Source Integration: By integrating data sources like file uploads, public URLs, YouTube, RSS feeds, and more, our chatbot became a reservoir of targeted knowledge.

  • Client-Facing Applications: We harnessed the chatbot to engage with clients, offering immediate answers to their niche-specific questions by feeding the bot with content from blog posts, videos, podcasts, and other materials.

  • Internal Documentation Querying: Our solution made it effortless to centralize and access internal company information. By feeding the bot with company manuals, policies, and even meeting transcripts, team members could easily retrieve specific information, eliminating the hassle of manual searches.


  • Efficient Query Resolution: The chatbot provided instant, accurate answers, reducing the need for human intervention and dramatically improving response times.

  • Enhanced Client Experience: By providing an interactive, AI-powered platform, clients felt empowered, leading to increased client satisfaction and engagement.

  • Resource Optimization: Internal teams found it easier to access vital information, improving efficiency and reducing the burden on manual information retrieval.

  • Business Differentiation: Offering such a unique, advanced solution set us apart from competitors, positioning us as forward-thinking and tech-savvy.

Leveraging the power of AI-driven chatbots, we transformed the way accounting information is accessed and delivered. Whether it's an employee seeking clarity on company policies or a client with technical accounting challenges, our chatbot solution ensures that accurate, timely information is just a query away.

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